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The Pawnshop of the
Banca Sistema Group

about us

ProntoPegno S.p.A. is a company wholly owned by the Banca Sistema Group focused on collateralised lending and in business since 1 August 2019.

The Banca Sistema Group began working in the collateralised lending business at the beginning of 2017, combining the credentials of a solid bank with the advantages of a specialist that is continuously willing to innovate and grow to offer greater value to customers, in terms of professionalism and timeliness.

To take advantage of the growth prospects that have emerged since starting this business, the Bank has decided to transfer its "collateralised lending" business to a dedicated company: ProntoPegno S.p.A.

Today ProntoPegno, the Pawnbroker of the Banca Sistema Group, has 12 branches across the country: Civitavecchia, Firenze, Napoli, Mestre, Milano, Palermo, Parma, Pisa, Rimini, Roma and Torino.

The Banca Sistema Group is an independent financial institution established in 2011, listed on the STAR segment of Borsa Italiana since 2015 and growing over the years by diversifying its offer in different services: factoring, banking, salary- and pension-backed loans and collateralised loans.



the central role of the code of ethics in daily working life forms the foundation for an environment of respect for people, fairness and transparency towards individuals and society


being a specialised financial institution means providing a skilled team of professionals, always ready to meet our customers' needs


a young and dynamic company focusing on innovation, where people take the lead in the growth project with their professionalism and teamwork


we aim for the utmost efficiency in providing our customers with quick and suitable answers, through a simple and immediate service


the customers' central role means the service offered must ensure the utmost confidentiality